Financial Services

Buy your home without seeking an agent. Owner/Broker Octavio Barron knows how to listen and understands your needs and whose judgment you can trust! With over 29 years in the industry, he knows the local area well and has the resources and contacts to help you in your search. You will feel at ease and comfortable that we will provide all the services and knowledge you need.

The Personal Touch
Barron Funding Group is a small business that has been working for our clients for over 29 years in the original location and with even the original phone number. We value our clients above all because we understand that our clients are our life blood and work tirelessly to find a solution that will work for them. We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity!

You can also refinance your mortgage with Octavio Barron. According to your income and needs, we will be able to find an affordable solution for you. We will help with everything from beginning to end, and keep you informed of the status of your application.

Advantages of refinancing
If you want to increase your cash flow, you can refinance to lower your monthly payments and also reduce the term of your loan. Make your appointment today to determine if you qualify to receive a lower monthly payment.

When to Refinance
We understand that each buyer is unique and with the expertise of Octavio Barron, we will help you determine if it's the right time to refinance your home. Generally, an effective refinance involves reducing the current interest rate of your mortgage by at least 1%,  changing the length of your loan or receiving cash from the appreciated equity in your home. With Octavio Barron, it is very easy to determine what your needs are with a refinance.

Reverse Mortgages
Reverse Mortgage are a special type of home loan that allows a homeowner convert the equity in the home. They are becoming very popular in America thanks to the growing number of retiring citizens and shrinking social security.

What is a reverse mortgage?
A reverse mortgage is a special type of home loan that allows a homeowner to convert their accumulated equity into cash that could help pay for other financial obligations, or any other purpose of your choosing. But unlike an equity loan of a traditional home loan or a second mortgage, no repayment is required until the borrower no longer uses the home as their primary residence. HUD reverse mortgage provides these benefits and also has federal guarantee.

Loans to buy your first home! If you can pay rent, we can help you get a home! Many people do not know they can buy a home with a down payment that is no more than what they pay for a rental deposit and three months' rent. Our wide variety of home purchase programs are designed for a range of financial situations. Whatever your financial situation, Octavio Barron will endeavor to help you realize your dream! Take the first step to home ownership by contacting us today!